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2015 Calendar of Events

Davidson Farmers MarketConover Farmers Market
February 7N/A8am-12pm
February 149am-12pm8am-12pm
February 21N/A8am-12pm
February 289am-12pm8am-12pm
March 7N/A8am-12pm
March 149am-12pm8am-12pm
March 21N/A8am-12pm
March 289am-12pm8am-12pm
April 49am-12pm8am-12pm
April 119am-12pm8am-12pm
April 189am-12pm8am-12pm
April 259am-12pm8am-12pm
May 29am-12pm8am-12pm
May 99am-12pm8am-12pm
May 169am-12pm8am-12pm
May 239am-12pm8am-12pm
May 309am-12pm8am-12pm
June 69am-12pm8am-12pm
June 139am-12pm8am-12pm
June 209am-12pm8am-12pm
June 279am-12pm8am-12pm
July 49am-12pm8am-12pm
July 119am-12pm8am-12pm
July 189am-12pm8am-12pm
July 259am-12pm8am-12pm
August 19am-12pm8am-12pm
August 89am-12pm8am-12pm
August 159am-12pm8am-12pm
August 229am-12pm8am-12pm
August 299am-12pm8am-12pm
Septemper 59am-12pm8am-12pm
Septemper 129am-12pm8am-12pm
Septemper 199am-12pm8am-12pm
Septemper 269am-12pm8am-12pm
October 39am-12pm8am-12pm
October 109am-12pm8am-12pm
October 179am-12pm8am-12pm
October 249am-12pm8am-12pm
October 319am-12pm8am-12pm
November 79am-12pm8am-12pm
November 149am-12pm8am-12pm
November 219am-12pm8am-12pm
November 289am-12pm8am-12pm
December 59am-12pm8am-12pm
December 129am-12pm8am-12pm
December 199am-12pm8am-12pm
December 269am-12pm8am-12pm
We participate in the "Know Your Farm Tour" dates TBA

Calendar of Events
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