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Picture: Couple of our cattleOwning our bulls and momma cows, we have complete control of our breed selection. Our momma cows (or brood cows) are Charolais and Charolais/Angus crosses. Our bulls are Angus.

Our selective breeding promotes a lean product for obvious health reasons.

All our cattle roam and graze freely in abundant, rolling pastures and wander into the woods and graze on berries, acorns, and assorted leafy plants. During the heat of the summer they often enjoy relaxing and chewing their cud in the shade, their noses facing into the breeze. This is a dramatically different life from cattle that are raised in feedlots in the Midwest and processed into beef and sold in most commercial grocery stores today.

We believe this easy, unstressed and free-grazing lifestyle is essential in raising the highest quality cattle for the most tender and flavorful beef.

We never have and never will give our cattle growth stimulants or hormones to make them fatter or to force them to grow faster. (Research indicates that these same growth stimulants and hormones make people grow bigger and faster too.)

We do not routinely give any of our cattle antibiotics. Any cattle who receive antibiotics for health reasons are culled out of the beef selection process.

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